Saturday, June 28, 2014

Where It All Began

Hi guys! In this, my first post of my new blog, I want to pay respects to my mom who taught me the love of crochet. Mom loved to crochet and I can still remember her after a hard days work cleaning not only our home but others as well, she would settle down in a big chair and pick up her hook and thread. Away she went, fingers flying. Before I was old enough to go to kindergarten, I was helping stretch her beautiful handmade doilies. I loved watching her make those doilies and wanted to be a part of it. Alas, crocheting was not for me. For some reason I just couldn't get my fingers to cooperate. I could chain stitch but that was about it. But, she would let me help stretch her doilies which was also no easy task. Straight pins, starchy water, and big pieces of cardboard cut from a clean box she had acquired. Man! My little fingers were sore, pushing those pins into that cardboard with starchy sticky fingers. I don't know how much help I was. I probably didn't last very long and I wonder just how much of my work she had to redo but I eventually developed enough strength in my fingers that I could finish one of the small ones. It amazes me to think how much pain a little kid can take (anyone else for that matter) if they want something bad enough. And, I wanted to show mom that I could be a part of her crochet world.

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